Podcast #9 – Interview with Channel & Intuitive, Aurora Gabriel

Happy Wednesday!

Today was our 9th podcast and our first live interview!  There is no mistake that Aurora Gabriel was our first guest….  she has been pivotal in each of our journeys to date and we just LOVE her!  Here’s a little bit about Aurora….

Aurora Gabriel has been channeling and offering intuitive readings for over 25 years. Based in Woodstock, MD, Aurora channels for people all over the world, via private phone sessions or in-person group channeling. The joy and effervescence that is Aurora is absolutely contagious and utterly comforting – it is no wonder why she was called to bring forth messages of Divine Love from Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Great Mothers, Mary Magdalene and the Women Healers, The Star Nations, and other Christed Light Races!

When we invited Aurora to be a guest on our show, it was immediately made known to her that there was a specific group that had something important to share through her while on our show, and in interviewing Aurora  as preparation for this broadcast, there were so many topics we wanted her to talk about, but we were continually guided back to focusing on one thing at a time….  so, channelling the “Marys” aka The Women Healers, is going to be a part of the show today – be sure to listen all the way through!

We just had to share this genuine, gifted, wonderful soul with you today, as she has helped us greatly over the years and may be able to bring you just the message that you need to hear today!  Click HERE to listen

For more information about Aurora Gabriel or to work with her privately, please visit:  www.VoicesOfDivineLove.comaurora-gabriel-graphic-for-podcast

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