Podcast #10 – So, what is Reiki exactly? Listen in for the 411 on energy healing!

The spiritual journey often includes alternative healing therapies that help to open the heart, heal old hurts and toxic beliefs, and remove energetic blockages that can manifest as dis-ease or hold us back in our lives. Reiki is one of those therapies that works in harmony with any spiritual journey or can assist anyone on their life path, regardless of religious/spiritual orientation.

So, what is Reiki exactly? How does it actually work? From where does it originate? How does it contribute to a person’s health & wellness? Why is Western medicine taking a closer look at Reiki, where it is being included more frequently as an option in mainstream patient care? And what are some success stories/testimonials of Reiki treatments? Join Charlotte-based Reiki Masters Kathy Zering of http://www.kathyzering.com and Co-host Debbie Chisholm of http://www.debbiechisholm.com, and Co-host Kendall Heath of http://www.spiritualcharlotte.wordpress.com as we explore Reiki!

Listen here

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