Podcast Episode #11 – Bringing Peace to Election Day Results – Let’s Grieve Together & Restore Hope

Wow. Just wow. We wish we could stop there, but we can’t! Some say spirituality and politics are separate, but we know that spirituality isn’t separate from anything. All of it is in the swirl together. Today is an especially tough day for many people who were hoping that fear, hate, racism, misogyny, bigotry, terror, abuse, patriarchal imbalance, etc. would not win out today. But, here we are in an America that is divided and many are disheartened. How do we get through this day and the ones to come? How do we make peace with all of this? How do we make sense of it? Where do we go from here? We would like to offer you more ways to perceive and digest this experience in our nation and inside ourselves.

Wait until you hear the wonderful message from Laura Parrott Perryof In Others’ Words and Say It, Survivor! *The sound was very weak until the 26 minute mark – sorry! Maybe fast forward. Laura comes on at the 35 minute mark.

Listen here to the podcast

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