You are the Gift


The topic at our Spiritual Charlotte Sister Circle for this past Saturday began in the mental and mindful meanderings of the meaning of the season.  This is traditionally & commercially understood as the season of giving, but this also means that it is the season of receiving.  From a Christian perspective,  receiving the gift of God’s love through the birth of the Christ is really what this season is about.

I found this understanding important to bring forth from a spiritual (not religious) perspective because all too often we as women collectively & individually, downplay our strengths, give what we believe others need or want from us,  and therefore downplay our true value, our true gifts, our strengths in the truest sense. When we give from this place, a place of shoulds or musts, how can we give that which we won’t allow ourselves to receive?  We many times lack the confidence or self-esteem to acknowledge our own beauty and gifts and Light…  this can prevent us from truly living our truths.  When we do this we hurt ourselves, we turn away from our divine heritage and we deny the shining of our Light upon those around us.   When we deny our own Light, we live in the shadows.

I’d like you to consider the following statement,


What you are is God’s gift to you. What you become is your gift to God, what you become is what you actually are – a sovereign expression of the Divine.

So what you become, is what you actually are…. what does that mean?  It means  re-membering who you are and what you are.  When I talk about remembering who you are, I am talking of the deepest quantum understanding of your seeded origins.   If you are “created in the image of”… God/Source/The Divine/The Goddess/Sophia  – then so is everyone else at the grocery store, your workplace, your family….. (difficult to remember at times!)   This means that everyone you look at IS the face of God/Source/The Divine looking back at you.  This also means that YOU are God/Source/The Divine in physical form here to experience itself through the relationship with self and others.  Just sit with that for a moment….

There is nothing wrong and everything right about claiming your own divine nature and your sovereignty… here, now, tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that.

When you become present with your presence, you realize that you are the gift.

Viewing yourself through another’s eyes is a powerful experience.   To be seen for the beauty that emanates from your heart, and your entire being….So in circle we experienced ourselves giving and receiving by mirroring back to the woman before us what we saw through intuition and wisdom from the deep inner knowing of our hearts…we used words to reflect back to her, Her Light, Her gifts, Her beauty so that she could exprience herself through our eyes and hearts.  In doing so we in essence were saying “I see you, I honor your light, your journey is sacred.”

This was a beautiful way to connect with one another and witness the eyes of love staring back at ourselves.  Witnessing not only another’s Light, but allowing ourselves to receive the understanding of our own Light as it reflected back to us and upon us.  This brought us out of the shadow and into the rays of our own divine Light, shining together with Light of another.

The evening’s experience ended with a channeled prayer from the heart of Sophia ,in the ancient mother tongue of stellar sound, where each woman in circle received the seeds of remembering, to anchor and empower her journey as a divine emanation here on Earth.

For those women who sat in circle with me this past Saturday night, thank you – and I look forward to sitting in circle with more of our sisters in January!

In love & light,

Debbie Chisholm


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