About Spiritual Charlotte

Spiritual Charlotte is a heart-centered home for people, like you, who are searching for thoughtful, inspiring, nourishing ways to connect to your world, each other, and your Higher Power in mind, body, and spirit.

It was originally started to help spiritual seekers in the Charlotte, North Carolina area more easily find relevant events, communities, and like-minded individuals in the region.

With the subsequent creation of the Spiritual Charlotte podcast on blogtalkradio, Spiritual Charlotte expanded into a candid, expansive, exploratory dialogue, hosted by Kendall Heath and Debbie Chisholm, about all things spiritual, with guest speakers who are doing spiritual work locally and worldwide.


While Charlotte is our home base, the name of our organization has a double meaning. The name Charlotte means “free-man”, and the city of Charlotte was named for Queen Sophia Charlotte Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Sophia is the feminine name for God in many ancient traditions, and in Greek origins it means wisdom. So, a Spiritual Charlotte (noun), is a spiritually free person; a person who freely embraces or is freeing up their spiritual path to all that is possible, to all wisdom that is available.

So, we are, in community, just a bunch of Spiritual Charlottes, fumbling our way through together as students of the Divine. Journey to the heart with us – it is such a wonderful trip, better shared with friends!