kendall-profileKendall Heath founded Spiritual Charlotte in March 2016, purely as a labor of love. She saw a need for an online & offline spiritual community that bridges various religious and spiritual worldviews, and includes healing work as an essential part of the conversation about the spiritual journey.

Growing up in the Carolinas, Kendall was especially aware of how progressive spiritual paradigms can be unwelcome in traditionally conservative religious communities. She was impacted by the amount of isolation caused by a culture that is uncomfortable with openly exploring The Divine and embracing other worldviews. She met many people who had turned away from religion all together or had run to the metaphysical world for safety, wounded by churches that used the gospel in damaging ways.

Personally, she felt a need to reconcile her own rollercoaster relationship with Christianity and “late-blooming” love of Jesus with her respect for and involvement with Eastern traditions, New Age practices, Goddess/Sacred Feminine Consciousness, Shamanism, and the spiritual teachings of Yoga and Mindfulness.

She is a professional writer (, workshop facilitator, co-host of The Spiritual Charlotte Podcast, seminary student working towards her Masters in Divinity, mother, marketer and advocate of women’s spiritual and healing journeys through and to true self and spiritual wellness.

In her early 20’s, she interned at The Sophia Institute in Charleston, where she was introduced to studies of The Divine Feminine and various internationally renowned speakers/authors on the subject. This has greatly informed her overall spiritual framework, and her mission to revive ancient teachings of the Woman-God to bring balance to the Man-God culture will live in today.

Her mission, with Spiritual Charlotte, is to facilitate dialogue that will restore wholeness to the faith journey of each individual. She hopes to remind others that they are, in fact, not alone, and that there are safe spaces to “live in the questions” and explore and evolve in one’s own personal relationship with the Sacred.

She asked Debbie Chisholm to join  her in July 2016.


Debbie Chisholm is a Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master, Intuitive Light Language Channel, and Primary Light Language Educator at Light House. She leads and facilitates spiritual workshops, and is the Co-Host of the popular Spiritual Charlotte podcast. She is also an artist whose work expresses through a beautiful oracle card set she calls SoulSpeak™, which is also a process she teaches.

Debbie’s journey as a spiritual teacher is informed by a path which first led her towards certifications as an Eating Psychology Coach, a Certified Nia White Belt Instructor, and a Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator. Walking the spiritual path through the body first, and then through art as a vehicle for spiritual conversation with the self and others, eventually led to deeper work in the areas of meditation, energy alchemy, soul retrieval, High Priestess/Shamanic work, The Sophia Wisdom tradition, body prayer, mindfulness training, and various “clair” skills that have built upon each other to rebirth Light Language and its benefits into consciousness, both regionally and worldwide.

Debbie experienced her own “Dark Night of the Soul” after her closest friend committed suicide in 2011. This event spurred a pattern of “running” that eventually wore her down and illuminated an inner pilgrimage of healing, self-awareness, awakening, and empowerment that has opened the doors to the present. This journey included healing and recovery from many years of being a full-time caregiver, a busy-bee “do-er”, and an employee at corporate accounting jobs that were, quite literally, killing her spirit. She was a woman depressed, repressed, and without true desire for living a full life. She identifies this as her moment of Spiritual Reckoning – a “Midlife Crisis of Spirit”, if you will!

This process of remembering who she was lead her to her life’s work of helping you remember who you are, on a soul-level, as a Divine Light Spark of a Loving Creator! In every aspect of her work, it is her mission to help you restore yourself to your true nature by gently guiding you to higher states of consciousness and awareness and deeper healing in ways that often can’t be found through more traditional avenues. Working directly with Yeshua, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and the Christ Diamond Light Codes, Debbie’s deep connection with Spirit has become her service to individuals and the world at large, as people seek to live lives that are more meaningful, heart centered, spiritually integrated and grounded in everyday living.